Mad Brith

Brith was a soldier in the Aestivan army, part of the phalanx after phalanx of Aestivan hoplites led to aid Cinera by General Narisse. The feared soldiers of the Aestivan league, these men of war were nearly invincible with strong heavy armor, long sarissa spears and great shields to hide behind. And they were marching on Monlon with their Cinerans allies, greatly outnumbering the soldiers the Republic had massed upon such short notice (See the Monlon Saga, first attack).

Realizing that destroying these men would be the only way Iridine would have a chance of standing against the coming enemy, the Republic brought out their most arcanely powerful force: The Order of the Flame, a league of temple-trained battle mages. These mages came forth upon command and summoned a great storm of lightning, which descended upon the hoplites and their commander. They were decimated – those that survived broke and fled in near madness, and nothing was seen of them again.

Or so one could hope. But hope is fleeting…

A man in armor made of strong metals, his face completely hidden, had led new bandits into the woods between the City of Iridine and Vetallun. And then, priests began to die. The screams were first heard in Monlon from the temple and soldiers rushed that way in an attempt to save them. As they rushed away, another force entered the city of Iridine and slew priests at the shrine in the forum. The rushing soldiers stopped in their tracks and doubled back to Iridine in a futile attempt to save the priests there.

In Monlon, the man in armor came forth and took priests at the Temple hostage. He ranted and raved about lightning and revenge. Meanwhile in Iridine, one of the captured soldiers revealed the identity of the man in armor: Brith, who came here for revenge. Brith, who hid under his bed crying when a storm broke overhead and the flash and boom of lightning and thunder were heard. Brith, the man who had survived the Order’s Lightning storm so many years before, and wanted the priests to die.

Ultimately, Brith was brought down by the legio, and his body and armor taken away to the Fort where it was piked.