Nefarious Nyx

Banditry out of the Traevant Forest, between the City of Iridine and the town of Vetallun, is nothing new, but one year it took on a very organized, brutal turn after a band led by the Bandit Queen, Nyx, moved in.

Nyx and her soldiers were responsible for the massacre of dozens of people, from entirely wiping out trade caravans to picking off the lone traveller or woodsman. One such woodsman, Lupatrus, escaped a morbid fate only because the bandit queen herself found herself enamored with him.

Before his capture, Lupatrus managed to call for help and a group of legionaries and civilians banded together to rescue him, managing not only to locate and defeat the core of Nyx’s band of villains and rescue Lupatrus, but capture the bandit queen herself.

A trial was held for Nyx in Vetallun, where she was found guilty of multiple murders and acts against the Republic, and sentenced to a terrible but deserving fate: she would be drawn and quartered.

Nyx makes one last-ditch effort to avoid her fate, declaring she is pregnant before the crowd. She is whisked away to the Legion’s fort in Vetallun, where she is to be held under lock and key until her execution.

Some days later, an emissary from Warlord Argonus, a Cineran Warlord, entered Vetallun under the white flag in an effort to negotiate for Nyx’s freedom. The bandit queen is found to be a Cineran, Warlord Argonus’ daughter Eleris. The Warlord’s army was nearby, poised to make war if needed.

Consul Seredian Allende refuses the Cineran’s request and Nyx’s scheduled execution is about to happen when the emissary returns with another offer from the Warlord. If the child is a boy, it will go to the Warlord. If it is a girl, the Iridinians can do with the child as they wish. In either case, Eleris’ life is still forfeit.

Consul Allende chooses to accept the offer with a caveat; the boy child will live in Iridine for the first five years of his life before either being sent to Cinera, or left in Iridine if the Warlord does not care to retrieve him. Eleris will be executed the day after the birth of her child.

The head medic of Legio I’s prime Century, Syrona Ejallos, delivered the boy child in the cells in the Vetallun Fort. After showing the live child to the Warlord Argonus, she was transferred from Running Wolf directly to the command of Tribune Licinius to care for and raise the child, who was named by his father.

At five years, Argonin and his Iridinian nurse were sent to Cinera, to live in the home of the Warlord. Nothing had been heard of either until the nursemaid returned to Iridine after Argonin’s 20th birthday.