Monlon Saga

The city of Monlon once stood on its own, as a Kingdom. Desired by both of the religiously devout nations of Iridine and Cinera due to its possession of a great temple and the Oracle, it was eventually annexed by Iridine.

The Kingdom of Cinera didn’t take this lightly, and in many of its wars with Iridine over the centuries, Monlon has been contested. This is not untrue in the current war, and after several years of being besieged by Cinera, Monlon is finally free of the enemy.

The First Battle2000
The first large battle took place after the Cinerans and their new ally, the Aestivans, took a Legio fort north of the city. The fields surrounding the fort were solidly under Cineran control, and their lines pressed up against the city to the south. Reacting to the threat, the Legions moved in their troops as swiftly as possible, the forts of Vetallun and Blackvine providing many bodies to the defense of the city.

The battle was tough. Led by the Aestivan General, Narisse, the Cinerans were joined by Aestivan Hoplites, tipping the battle greatly in their favour. Had not militias and civilians rushed to Monlon to help defend the city and healers come to aid the wounded, it is quite possible the city would have fallen. The amassed defenders managed to hold off the invaders until the Order of the Flame was in place.

In a rare show of Holy Strength, the Order of the Flame, a holy order of battle mages originally founded by King Tulca, destroyed much of the Hoplite troop by calling down lightning and thunder. As it was, the combined Cineran and Aestivan force was forced to retire to the captured fort. While their troops still roamed the fields, they were unable to take the city of Monlon. An uneasy peace existed, broken by sporadic fighting on the fields.

The Battle of the Ravines2001
The Cineran-Aestivan forces had amassed a huge army of 12,000 men and were bearing down on the City of Monlon. They outnumbered the defenders by huge numbers, and citizens and shopkeepers in the city were closing up and fleeing. A call went out to citizens and foreigners residing in the Republic to man the barricades and defend against this army while Sordo Calsuan led his men on a forced night-march to cut off and cut into the invading army.

The battle at the barricades was harsh and unforgiving as the scant defenders fought off wave after wave of enemy soldiers. Calsuan’s night-march was very fruitful, however; The invading army was routed and most of the Cineran Warlords were slain or captured. The enemy forces on the field realized they would be cut off completely and crushed between what they believed to be both Iridine Legions and retreated back into their captured fort.

However, the costs were high and the Legions had to lick their wounds for some time.

Night Run through the Ravines2001
For some time, the Iridine Legions had been searching for several traitors, murderers and spies that had escaped capture. One of the people on that list was a Centurion who was wanted for desertion. While on exercises in Monlon, soldiers of the Rearing Stallion Cohort captured the Centurion. Upon capture, the man related the story about how his men were slaughtered and that he had not deserted. His story was believed by Optio Thoras.

Once Centurion Naestor was reassured of that fact, he convinced the soldiers with Optio Thoras to help him get his revenge. During his ‘desertion,’ he had found several back ways through the ravines to the fort where the men who had slaughtered his were holed-up. Sneaking through the night and remaining silent so no one would detect them, the soldiers of Rearing Stallion launched a sneak night-attack on the fort.

Sneaking across ledges and tunnels, the soldiers came up underneath the fort. They burst in through a trap door into a lower room of watchtower and overpowered the sentries. The soldiers moved through the fort quickly as most of the enemy soldiers were caught off-guard; however, it was still not an easy battle. Eventually, they came to the officer in charge of the Fort and captured him…but the Cineran Officer was the only one of the Cinerans to survive the night-strike. The rest were cut down to a man.