Piked People

In death, the Enemies of the Republic provide a unique and useful service to the Republic. Their bodies, piked in front of various forts in the Republic, provide a display of strength and warning to those who would dare consider being traitor to Iridine’s causes. These are some of the stories:

Reece was known for many things, but was notorious for his selling of illegal hoods and his prominent membership in the Cineran Liberation Army (CLA). The supposed purpose of the CLA was to aid in the downfall of the Republic, but in practice they acted more like the Boukoloi Bandits that once roamed the forest between Iridine City and Vetallun. While the CLA didn’t do much for their purpose of causing the downfall of the Republic, they were a constant thorn in the side of the Legio, attacking travelers at times, and targeting soldiers specific. Eventually captured, Reece was piked outside the Vetallun fort, where his body remains an education for those who consider the folly of aiding the enemy.


Armagorus was one of the more successful Cineran spies in the current war. Able to slip into Iridine and integrate himself so well, he was able to poison the horses at Vetallun, depriving Legio I of much of its needed military. Although captured, he was rescued by Cineran Raiders and Heavies. Between his rescue and his eventual death, Armagorus kidnapped a healer, assisted the Cinerans building a stronghold in Grey Sands, and with his soldiers, waylaid a patrol and tortured its soldiers. He was eventually slain by Takius Proteus, and his corpse was piked outside of Vetallun fort. For a more detailed story, see the Armagorus Cycle.

Irelius was a former Cineran General who fled to Iridine after the murder of his family. After living a low key, commoner’s life, Irelius ran into some trouble with a citizen of the Republic by the name of Grendol. Irelius then murdered Grendol in full view of Leda and Cassius in their dojo and brought the corpse past the clerk from Seneda’s bank. Irelius was seen carrying Grendol’s body by a legionary also. When at trial, Irelius’ own witnesses admitted his guilt, condemning the man to some sort of punishment. What sealed his fate was his own ranting at the Justice, invoking the name of Ereal against a pious man. Irelius was beheaded upon the podium in Iridine by Optio Indea and then-recruit Ibios, and his body piked outside of the fort in Vetallun. His head was piked upon a spear outside of the city gates, but has since vanished.

The blubbery head of the Gadaene Amici stands as silent testament to the greed of foreigners. A travelling showman who used beaten, tormented animals to entertain the crowd, Amici fled the city after a senator was slain by one of his creatures, set loose by a member of the crowd. Though Amici was not at fault for the action of the foolish man in the crowd, the tide of opinion quickly came against him, leading him to choose flight over remaining behind.

Amici found his place in the bandits residing in the Traevant woods, and devoted his skills as a bear-tamer — and his bears — to their cause. He was captured and beheaded, his head now residing on a pike outside of Vetallun fort.