A silk armband bearing the symbol of Iridine                  1t 20d 3st 1s
A thin length of wire                                                        79d 2s
A silver surgical needle                                                 1t 812d 2st
A bronze trowel                                                            1t 1208d 1st 1s
A dursc fishing pole                                                       1t 1525d
A thick length of wire                                                       158d 1st 1s
A pair of silver surgical scissors                                       2t 1189d 2st 1s
A gold-plated sewing needle                                            3t 418d 3st
A stocked healer’s supply kit                                           1t 20d 3st 1s
A brass horn                                                                  4t 479d 2s
A pair of bronze armillus                                                 4t 677d 1s
A gold-plated thimble                                                     5t 104d 2s
A pair of gold-plated tailoring scissors                              5t 1489d 2st 1s
A tiny lump of alanti                                                       9t 1375d
A superior quality brightash short bow with gold inlay      10t 208d 1st 1s
A towering oval shield
-average                                                                      20t 614d 2st 1s
-good                                                                           23t 1232d 2st
-excellent                                                                     30t 915d
A right-hand boison cestus
-average                                                                       29t 208d 1st 1s
-good                                                                            40t 1229d 2s
-excellent                                                                      52t 687d 2st
A left-hand boison cestus
-average                                                                       29t 208d 1st 1s
-good                                                                            40t 1229d 2s
-excellent                                                                      52t 687d 2st
A spiked boison mace
-average                                                                       31t 1041d 2st 2s
-good                                                                            44t 520d 3st 1s
-excellent                                                                      57t
A boison trident
-average                                                                       36t 1145d 3st 1s
-good                                                                            51t 666d 2st 2s
-excellent                                                                      66t 187d 2st
A voucher to have one weapon reforged by Ferrarius         31t 250d
A leather helmet with a buckled face covering                   41t 1250d
A dull bronze helmet with a featureless faceplate               51t 1062d 2st
A retalq-tipped spear
-average                                                                        53t 272d 3st 2s
-good                                                                            74t 691d 2st 2s
-excellent                                                                      95t 1112d 2st
A retalq dagger
-average                                                                        53t 352d 1s
-good                                                                             74t 802d 2st
-excellent                                                                       95t 1255d
A retalq gladius
-average                                                                         59t 833d 1st 1s
-good                                                                              83t 541d 2st 2s
-excellent                                                                      107t 250d
A retalq axe
-average                                                                         64t 937d 2st
-good                                                                             90t 687d 2st
-excellent                                                                      116t 437d 2st
A sooty black helmet with a faceplate                                69t 1041d 2st 2s
An iron helmet with a faceplate                                         74t 1145d 3st 1s
A lorica squamata                                                            79t 1250d