Prominent Persons

There are people who, due to birth, heroics, or advancement within the ranks of the Legio, have become notorious in the best of ways. Here are some of them.

Consul, Legio I

Seredian Allende

Seredian Allende has led the First legion since prior to the the Cineran occupation of the City of Iridine in 207. Though Orasca Calsuan and Legio II arrived in the city before his, he helped pursue the fleeing Cinerans back to Cinera. In latter years, Allende has been prominent in the Senate arguing for more rights for the lower classes. He was kidnapped for a period of several months, during which his client, Talius Noraetis and the disgraced then-Primus Pilus Licinius Dendrius resurrected the old magic of the cadae to find and rescue him.
Consul, Legio II

Sordo Calsuan

The son of the assassinated Orasca Calsuan, Sordo followed in his footsteps. During the period when Seredian Allende was missing, kidnapped (presumably) by the Cinerans, Sordo led the Legions to a heroic victory north of Monlon. He is now considered a hero of Monlon, as his troops helped push back the battle-line and captured and/or killed several Cineran Warlords.
Consul’s Aide

Taevon Veranus

The Consul’s Aide often sits as justice for military trials held in Vetallun.
Legate, Legio I

Nelus Ianleos

Tribune, First cohort


Primus Pilus

Viker Valos

Praefectus Castrorsum


Aulus is one of the most well known residents of the Vetallun Fort. As Praefectus Castrorsum, or Master of Camp, Aulus is responsible for maintaining and organizing the Fort. This includes things as basic as stores to more complex as barrack arrangements and duty shifts.
Legio Master Smith


The Master Smith Antillus shares his abilities with the soldiers of the Legio. Every few months, he swings around to help embellish the weapons and armor of the soldiers who fought so valiantly for the freedom of Iridine.