Morale & Song

Morale is important in any army, and Legions of Iridine are no different.

Running Wolf Squad Marching Song
Legio I is what we are
Blackvine hears us from afar.
We will march along from dusk till dawn
Patrolling streets without a yawn.

The wind is blowing in our hair
The capes are flowing in the air
The gloves are oiled and fit tight
The boots polished and shining bright.

The running wolves are tough and lean
The best soldiers ever seen
We will fight with viciousness
Defend the republic with success.

Lion Squad Marching Song
The Lion Squad is without a doubt
The squad that will win the bout.
We march long, we hit hard,
Just ask the Cinerans we have marred.

When we are not at a bar,
We’re keeping vigilance form afar.
Under the command of Sir Comas,
We will not allow the foe to turn us.

To the battlefields we will go,
Defending Her with sword and bow.
As we push and break through their lines,
We protect from the forests to the mines.

After the fight is done,
The gladii are sheathed, the battle’s won.
We then return to our watch,
Our duties we will not botch.