• Legionaries are expected to attend all musters held by officers. This includes musters scheduled in advance and impromptu musters. If a Legionary is unable to attend a scheduled muster he or she must give notice to the Officer(s) in advance. Failure to do will result in disciplinary measures.
  • After several instances of missed musters, this can also lead to expulsion from the Legio.
  • Legionaries must write detailed reports (forum messages) on anything of note they may have encountered.
  • This includes but is not limited to PNPC lootings in our jurisdiction, PNPC deaths, lootings of persons within our jurisdiction etc. These are only some of the basics. Use your best judgement when deciding what to report.
  • Each report must be signed with the Legionaries rank, first and last name.
  • Failure to file reports or incomplete reports will result in disciplinary measures. Constant missed reports will lead to excommunication.
  • If a Legionary requests a leave of abscence they can be placed on the inactive roster for up to a period one RL year, regardless of reason, after which they will be excommunicated. If a Legionary does not give notice of their inactivity however, they will be put as inactive for three RL months before being excommunicated from the Legio.


  • Officers are expected to schedule at least one scheduled muster every second week. These musters can include trips to the Grey Sands, Recruit musters etc. Caravan runs and other misc. jobs however do not count as musters.
  • Along with the regular reports expected from Legionaries, officers must also write detailed reports of each muster they conduct, including attendance and general briefing. Failure to meet any of these expectations will result in disciplinary actions. Consistant failure will lead to demotion and possibly excommunication from the Legio.
  • If an officer requests a leave of abscence they may be put on the inactive roster for up to a period of three RL months, regardless of reason, before being demoted. After which standard Legionary activity policy rules apply giving them one RL year.


  • All loot acquired during official Legio activity is to go toward the Legion funds.
  • Coffers and chests should be stored in the wagon inside of the Blackvine Palisade.
  • An Officer must be present when transacting with the established civilian locksmiths, and store the loot to be sold via the established civilian brokers.