romstanrOath of Service

The Legionary swears his life to the oath he takes upon graduating from a recruit class. This oath is precious and should it be broken, the legionary who breaks it shall be punished accordingly and their name added to annals of dishonour.

  • To protect and support the nation of Iridine, that it shall not perish from Midlight
  • To protect her Consuls and Senate, that they may give wise and able council
  • To protect and support her citizens, that they may flourish and grow prosperous
  • To protect all in the Republic from enemies both domestic and foreign, and to swiftly put down rebellions for the peace and safety of the populace
  • To act as the arm of the Republic in matters of expansion and domestic acquirement
  • The preservation of Iridine and the Republic is of paramount importance, before considerations of personal wealth, family, or self
  • Loyalty to the Legion is paramount
  • Traitors shall be rooted out and executed
  • Cowards shall be dishonorably discharged
  • Sluggards shall be whipped
  • Direct orders will never be disobeyed
  • At all times you must think of the honor of the Legio and do nothing to besmirch it’s reputation
  • And you must, if necessary, lay down your life for the Legio and for Iridine