Commands ring out in drilling, march and battle. Legionaries must be able to discern the meaning of the commands immediately, without having to think or translate them internally. Such delays can cost lives, can cost battles! Learn the commands below and know them like you know yourself.

Discipline Commands
Ad Signa Fall in
Silentium Silence
Intente Attention
Dimitto Dismissed
Otiose Stand at ease
Marching Commands
Ad Agmine Form marching columns
Signo sequute Follow the Signifier/leader
Procedite March
Consiste Halt
Ordenem servate Hold your position
Accelera Speed up
Tarda Slow down
Laxate Rest
Battle & Weapons Commands
Ad aciem Line up in the battle formations
Arma stringe Draw weapon
Arma reconde Sheath weapon
Parati Brace for attack
Impetus Attack!
Recedo Retreat