There is no class going at this time.  Keep your eyes open for when the next class is announced!

What we look for

Without self-control, there would be no order within the Legio. So we look for recruits who can control themselves. Not talk when ordered to be silent. Takes self-control to keep your self from getting out of control.

Soldiers work best in numbers, and in order to work efficiently in numbers, you have to work well as a team. So we look for recruits who can work well with others efficiently.

Communication is how ideas are heard. It is how orders are followed through. Teamwork is nothing without communication. We look for recruits who communicate well with each other, and those already in the ranks of the Legio.

Someone with leadership is responsible and can keep a group organized, as well as keeping a group of people working together, and progressing together.

We look for recruits committed to their orders, to their training, to growing as a soldier. Commitment is important, because once graduation time comes for a recruit; they are to hold the Legio above all else in their lives.


Must wield at least one of the following weapons
Bow, gladius, one-handed axe, knife or spear, or be a healer to enter training for the Legio. You are not expected to be more than novice in your chosen skill. You will be required to invest time in getting better in that skill upon becoming a recruit. If you are better than novice, great!

Must not be a criminal
We will not have criminals within the Legio.

What we expect from you

We expect you to show up at recruit training ready to endure rough, vigorous training, and to try your hardest to complete the training. We expect you to be able to control yourself during training, no goofing off. It is expected of you to show up to every training muster. If you cannot, we expect that you report to your group leader, if one is assigned, or one of the Legionaries involved in the recruit training, prior to the muster. Overall we expect you to show us that you want to be a soldier, and follow our lead in guiding you to become one.

Suggestions for upcoming recruits

By the end of training, you will have been required to have obtained a fairly decent set of armor. Most importantly you should have a set in good condition. So have any damaged armor repaired as soon as possible.

Cooperate whenever you are told to do something. No joking around, no delay before following through with an order or given command. Snap to it! Keeps us going with what is planned, as well as preparing you to have an excellent grasp on self-control. Commands and orders have purposes as well, and need to be carried out. When given, they are more important than anything else.

Show up to all musters arranged. If you absolutely cannot make it, let someone know ahead of time! It is much better for both you, and those planning the musters. Allows them to know you’re not going to make it, so they have an idea of how many are expected to arrive. As well as informs them in advanced that you cannot make it, as opposed to you forgetting to go! It reflects better that you did not just forget to go. Although, it reflects poorly that you could not make it. If you miss too many, it results in no longer participating in training.

Never be late! I cannot stress this one enough. Lateness is extremely frowned upon. Arrange to get there in advance. If you must, go there a day early, and sleep there, in order to not be late!

Be ready to commit to the Legio fully. The Legio is not a time passer, or a club. It has a purpose, one that is very important. That is to defend the Republic. It is a serious purpose, and takes seriously committed soldiers to join the Legio to help with that purpose.

What you can do to come more prepared

Show up ready to learn, ready to participate in training exercises, and ready to listen to all that the Officers, and Legionaries have to say. Be ready for the challenge of working towards becoming a soldier. When training starts, you are going to be tested, and tested again on what you can do. You are going to endure rough training, to help you become a soldier. We can only show you the way. You have to get there yourself. So come ready for the challenge.