Cohorts of Legio I Invexphalerial

Rearing Stallion
Wild Dog
Snarling Wildcat
Bull with Horns Lowered to Charge
Leaping Dolphin
Rampant Lion
Snarling Badger
Howling Wolf
Diving Falcon
Snake Coiled to Strike

Eagle Century

The First Century of the Rearing Stallion Cohort is stationed in the palisade near the town of Blackvine. There, legionaries train to prepare themselves for the time when they will be called out to the real battlefield. All Legionaries have proven themselves to be soldiers and live the lifestyle of a field soldier.

In the past century, these elite soldiers have shown themselves to be stalwart defenders of the Republic of Iridine against numerous foes, including Cineran and Aestivan invaders, roving bands of bandits both organized and disorganized, and attacks against the holy sites of Iridine. These men and women are prepared to give their lives on a moment’s notice and will do so if that is what it takes to keep the Republic free from outside overlords.

The Century consists of the Running Wolf and Lion squads. The Running Wolf Squad is represented by a silvery wolf running alongside the Invex river, with the sun rising in the background. Lion Squad’s banner shows the squad keeping vigil over the walled city of Iridine.